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Selling freshly squeezed juices as a business

Everyone began to take care of their health, everyone has heard about vitamins and minerals, about natural and environmentally friendly products. The time has come when people are really trying to be beautiful and healthy. At the same time, no matter how anyone says, the solvency of the population is also growing. And so now, selling freshly squeezed juices as a business has potential.

The Americans were the first to come up with money to make fresh juices. Smoothie bars appeared in the mid-90s, and the business quickly spread around the world. The annual income from the sale of juices in the United States amounts to billions of dollars. In Russia, the sale of freshly squeezed juices as a business has appeared in recent years, and is rapidly gaining popularity.

Shopping center, indoor market, hypermarket – the best places for a smoothie bar. First of all, you need to calculate whether there is a suitable area for placing racks, equipment, a refrigerator, bar stools. The design of the room is very important – not necessarily expensive, the main thing is to see it from far away. We will not even talk about adequate personnel. Poor equipment and manual “refinement” will repel buyers. Free pieces of ice – a small gift will be remembered and will attract more customers in the summer. It is better not to prepare such juice in advance, but only with the client.

You should study the demand, which juices people like best and focus on them. A permanent contract for the supply of fruits is necessary so that there are no failures. As the saying goes, dresses sell better if there are belts nearby. Also with juices – you can sell various pastries, healthy desserts.

Along with good and fresh fruits, choose the best juicers, and the sale of freshly squeezed juices will go uphill. There must be two juicers. For citrus and other fruits. For tangerines, oranges, lemons, the yield of the product is important – pay attention to this when choosing a juicer.

The volume of the juicer is selected depending on the average number of visitors in the institution. We give some tips for choosing a juicer:

1) The size and shape of the container – the larger the better. Suddenly you decide to expand.

2) The working speed must vary. Juice is more transparent and looks less attractive at low speeds – keep in mind.

3) Various nozzles – a big plus to the model.

4) A thin mesh centrifuge made of stainless steel and fine openings is better.

Recently, there is another opportunity to realize the sale of freshly squeezed juices as a business: through terminals that do not require the participation of the seller. The main thing is to calculate everything in detail and draw up a business plan.

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