Tips for a novice leader or 15 moments of truth
In business, if not at the very beginning, then a little later, when he grows up, you will have to be a leader, one way or another. Therefore, today's post…

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Addresses of tax inspections in Moscow (part 3)
Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia No. 28 - South-Western AO Address: 117149, Moscow, st. Sivashskaya, house 5. Help desk phone: 8 (495) 276-22-22. Fax: 8 (495) 400-25-10.…

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Painting house facades as a business idea

Buildings are almost always high. Stairs, hanging cradles, scaffolding and other smaller appliances are simply necessary for starting a business. And, of course, special paints, electric rollers, compressors.

The complexity and cost of various devices for painting buildings depends on the number of storeys. For houses up to three floors, forests, lifting scaffolds are needed. At higher altitudes, telescopic lifts can no longer be dispensed with, lifting loads of up to 500 kilograms, a boom of up to fifty meters and work up to 76 meters can be carried out.

It is hardly possible for a novice entrepreneur to realize a business idea on painting house facades if he is planning to buy all the equipment. But the good news is that equipment can always be leased or rented.

Coloring of building facades is divided into stages. The surface is put in order, roof overhangs, window drains, various building decor, and coatings are being repaired. Any pins, metal parts that have become unusable or will interfere very much with painting are removed. Be sure to remove the allocation of salt spots. In difficult cases, plaster areas that are affected are replaced with new ones.

Lime compounds mixed with dyes are used for painting facades. The surface for painting should be free of flaking plaster, so this step must be carefully monitored and checked.

The time of year for starting a business for painting facades of houses is very important. It should be a cool time. The application surface is best moistened, especially on the south side. Casein paint is better and more stable than lime. The production of paints is developing and perchlorovinyl facade paints, completely ready for work, as well as chloroacid paints, as mixtures diluted with water, appeared.

Windows for painting facades are closed. Metal parts on the facade are painted after everything else.

Wooden houses often have an uneven surface and require more skill and skill when painting. And it all depends on the specific case – houses made of timber are painted easier.

The nuances of wooden houses require preliminary cleaning from dirt and dust. First, the facade is primed with antiseptic compounds and it is better to do this twice. Oil, coating, alkyd antiseptics are used.

Profit business ideas – the color of the facades of houses is different. It all depends on the specific building and counts as one square meter. Usually in the range from 800 to 2500 rubles.

This is just a business idea. Of course, it requires refinement taking into account specific circumstances. But you, if the coloring of the facades of the houses as a business idea is interesting and understandable to you, now you can do it more deeply and draw up a business plan based on specific data, calculate investments and profits.

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