Breeding quails as a business
The other day I received a letter asking why there are no articles with business ideas on our site. Well, because I do not have time to write :). But…

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The most important factor for business success
You want to know a lot of things, to be able to do even more, but if you don’t make a decision, if you are not ready to act, you…

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Addresses of tax inspections in Moscow (part 1)
Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia No. 1 - Central AO Address: 105064, Moscow, Zemlyanoy Val St., 9. Help desk phone: 8 (495) 400-00-87. Fax: 8 (495) 400-01-66.…

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How to make a quotation correctly? (part 2)

Here are some tips for writing a good headline:

The title is a question. For example: “How to increase profits by 2 times?” Or “How to bring the site to the top ten Yandex?”. It should be noted that this technique is already very often used, and therefore somewhat loses its effectiveness, but nonetheless. Definitely better than the “Commercial offer”.
Use the numbers in the title. For example: “11 ways to bring your site to the TOP for free!”.
Add some news in the headline. According to statistics, news headlines read 33% more often.
Use the words “free” and “new” in the title. They catch. BUT! Firstly, one can say the same thing as in the first paragraph about lesser efficiency over time. And secondly, it is very important (!) That you are selling. In some cases, “free” can push away a potential buyer. But overall, yes, these words work.
Write simple, specific, straightforward, and not too long headlines. A headline such as “12 evidence that contacting us will help your business to reach a new level, or why it is worth contacting us?” Do not work very well. Although this example is long, but understandable, it seems to me. It happens much worse. Just nothing else came to mind right now :-). But that’s not the point …
Try not to write negatives in the title (the word “no”).
Always use only one font in your title.
If possible, add quotes or other text elements in quotation marks to the heading. This will increase readability by 30%.
Subheading KP
The subheading of the quotation should provide clarifying information about your quotation. In the case, let’s say if the heading would be too long, we can continue the thought in the subheading. For example, in the heading you can convey the proposal itself, and in the subheading – the benefit for the client. Or, conversely, it already depends on the specific situation. Also, the subtitle can help both in attracting attention and in showing interest in a potential client. Especially if it did not work out to make a headline.

Main text
The first thing I want to say is to post a photo of your product or a thematic image (especially if you sell services), as soon as possible in the text of the offer. This attracts the attention of the reader again and makes him go down the text – this is what we need.

Then write the shortest first paragraph. You should compress all your sentence in the first paragraph. Further you will talk about it in more detail. A long first paragraph may push the reader away. Once again I say – write a short first paragraph.

Next, a few tips for writing the main text of a commercial proposal:

Write short sentences. But don’t get too carried away, of course. The content of the letter is no less important. Find a balance.
Do not exaggerate. Write more real about your product. With an emphasis on its qualities, of course, you just don’t need to elevate the goods to heaven, this can scare the buyer.
Address the client on “You”. If this is a personal appeal, often call it by first name.
Write in a simple, non-professional language. Except for situations when you just turn to an expert in this industry.
Write immediately the main thing and in the present tense.
Do not get too carried away with generalized phrases such as “exactly”, “in this way”, “also”.
Break text into paragraphs, add readability.
Add subtitles – this again attracts and retains the reader’s attention.
Add images and photos of the product. But only high quality.
Highlight important elements in italics or bold.
Use lists in the text (if possible, of course).
Completion of a commercial offer
The completion of a correctly drawn up commercial proposal should be no less vivid than the title. This is important because, according to statistics, 34% of readers, without having read the entire text, go to the end of the sentence, and an attractive slogan or appeal can encourage them to read the sentence as a whole. No less important, of course, if the reader has read the entire text of the commercial proposal. In this case, the call or completion will play the role of the last incentive to purchase or bid.

Therefore, come up with vivid and catchy slogans and appeals for your business. Use different triggers, personal benefits, special offers, etc., right in the call to action or advertising slogan.

For example, continuing the example above, we can say: “Let’s promote your site in the TOP. I bet he deserves it. Contact me in a way convenient for you, and we will consider all possible options for cooperation that is beneficial for you! ” Or: “I’m sure that we can bring your business to a new level in 3 months. And, if you respond to this offer, we can offer you a discount of 30%. Since we will not be able to manage more than 4 projects, please contact us in the next 3 days. ”

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