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Payment terminals as a business

In this article, we will consider a new business idea – payment terminals as a business. You always want your own business to become profitable right away, right? From this point of view, a business with payment terminals often becomes a “found four leaf”. You can get good profit fast enough, and you don’t need to be constantly around and investments are not so big.

Let’s first talk about what a payment terminal is and what types exist?

It is not worth talking about the fact that a payment terminal is a device that works without the participation of an operator or a seller standing nearby. And here, how it is arranged and what components it has, I think, it will not be superfluous to talk.

The main components of the payment terminal:

bill acceptor;
modem for receiving payments;
touch screen;
printer for printing a receipt.
Today, you can pay in the payment terminal for almost anything, in some even theater and movie tickets are sold. But popular and daily payments are payments for telephone and utilities, television, the Internet, payment of advertisements on various sites, payment of fines, etc.

The profit of the owner of payment terminals is expressed by the interest paid by users of the terminal or by the fee of companies included in the payment list, and often both.

They make payment terminals, both in our country and in others. You can choose a template design option or order your own.

Payment terminals is a business that can be implemented without major difficulties. Bought a device, rented a place in the room – everything, work. Can be installed inside various buildings. Simple, reliable and inexpensive. The main thing is to find a good place where they will use it and where 20 of the same ones do not stand nearby (or, in this case, include functions, payment for services that are not in the neighboring machines). Of course, we also need a contract with the owner of the building. It is very important to first find a suitable place, negotiate a lease, and only then buy the terminal itself. I do not recommend buying it in advance with the expectation that everything else will work out.

There are terminals for outdoor installation with appropriate cover from various weather conditions and more protected from vandals. But the cost, respectively, is different. For starters, I do not recommend this option.

There are also small mobile terminals, but you need a seller to receive payments. The cost of the device itself, of course, is lower, but you need to consider that you will pay maintenance staff.

An important point! The payment terminal only works if connected to payment systems. Otherwise, this is not a business, but a “bunch of iron.” There are several payment systems: “CYBERPLAT”, “OSMP”, “QUICKPAY” and others. An agreement is concluded with the payment system, a security deposit is made to the affiliate account and that’s all – you have your own business.


The operation algorithm of payment terminals – or what’s the business
Payment terminals operate in this mode:

Step 1. The client, for example, paid for mobile communications in the amount of 500 rubles.

Step 2. From your affiliate account, on which, for example, 100,000 rubles, the same amount is withdrawn, but minus the commission, for example, 5%, which in this case is equal to 25 rubles. You set the commission yourself. Plus, you get a bonus for accepting payments in favor of a mobile operator – about 20 rubles. Accordingly, from one payment you earned 45 rubles – not bad, right? This money is credited to your affiliate account. True, whether it is worth taking a commission of 5% or not depends on competition and the environment, i.e. from where you installed your payment terminal. If around 5 terminals with a commission of 0%, you yourself understand …

We understood the scheme of work. Let us at the end calculate the costs of buying and installing a payment terminal. Depending on whether the street or office terminal, the purchase will cost 40,000-100,000 rubles. The advance payment in the payment system is at least one hundred thousand rubles, the rent is most often up to 5 thousand per month. Most likely, if you yourself do not understand, you will need a specialist in the maintenance of the payment terminal. Given the fact that such specialists usually serve several terminals and will not only work for you, it should not be too expensive.

It turns out that to start a business you need about 150. 000 rubles, one hundred thousand of which are a security deposit that you can take if you stop the business for some reason.

Profit, of course, will depend on the location of the terminal, i.e. from the number of accepted payments. This should be well taken care of.

Another plus of payment terminals as a business is that this activity does not require permits and licensing.

From the foregoing, we can say that the business at payment terminals looks attractive. Therefore, you just need to start. Good luck

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